Super Hero Day

Boys between the age of 3 and 10 will have the opportunity to transform themselves into real-life super heroes. They are invited to wear their favourite super hero attire and to participate in super hero training activities.

The Hulk Smash will ensure that our super heroes have the maximum strength training to defend their city from evil villains in the Foundation Phase. They will be taught how to fight and protect like a super hero.  Once their transformation is complete there will be a Super Photo Shoot that will capture their hero status for eternity.

Thereafter, the heroes will attend a feast and enjoy snacks and refreshments at a Super Party.  As is customary, a Super Hero never leaves with being thanked for their service.  Our newly celebrated and transformed heroes will all return to their daily lives with a goody bag ready to combat evil whenever necessary.

All proceeds of this event goes towards the Ashton Debutantes and Squires fundraising 2018.