Ashton Swimming Academy attend Nationals and Regionals

SA Junior Nationals were held in Durban while SA Regionals for the Eastern SA Region were held in Sasolburg during this past Easter holiday.

It was quite a surprise to find how many teams outside South African boarders had been permitted by Swim South Africa to participate in the SA Regionals in Sasolburg and this gave the swimmers some tough racing competition. It takes hours and hours of hard work and practice for these swimmers to prepare for galas at this level of competition and we thank both Coach Garry and Coach Mel for their many hours spent on pool deck with our swimmers.  Swimming develops many attributes in our swimmers besides just swimming technique; team support, friendship and conversation across age groups, listening skills, how to be humble and how to bounce back after a bad race. When a swimmer makes the finals of their event there is much jubilation in the entire camp – the support from swimmers, parents and coaches is what makes these galas so special.

Thank you to everyone who was on the support bench!

Recently at the Commonwealth games the commentator said that swimming is the toughest sport for an athlete.

Mrs D Hulett (ASA Executive Chairman)