Code of Conduct

On enrolling at Ashton International College Ballito (Pty) Ltd, both student and parent will be expected to sign this Code of Conduct. Whether IN or OUT of College uniform students shall conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to the College.

    1. “The College” shall refer to Ashton International College Ballito.
    2. “Parent” shall refer to the Parent/Guardian of the student enrolled.
    3. “Student” shall refer to the Student enrolled in the College.
    4. “College Campus” shall refer to the premises on which Ashton International College Ballito is situated.
    5. “The Heads” shall refer to the Head of the Junior College and/or Senior College.
    1. No form of vandalism to the property of staff, students or the College will be tolerated.
    2. Misuse of, and damage to, College, staff and student property is unacceptable and shall be regarded as a disciplinary offence. Offenders may be liable to appear before the Disciplinary Committee. They may be subject to the due process of suspension, expulsion or due process of the Court.
    3. College property may not be removed from the school premises without the permission of the Heads.
    4. At all times College premises and classes must be kept neat and clean. Litter must be placed in the bins provided.
    5. Except on rainy days, the classrooms are out of bounds before school starts and during breaks.
    6. All students driving motorbikes and vehicles must ensure that the proper documentation has been completed and submitted to the Heads of the College. Students must adhere to designated parking areas.
    7. No student may leave the College campus without the authorized permission from the Heads.
    1. All students are expected to commit themselves to the requirements made of each student
      1. All students are expected to bring the necessary books, equipment to the College daily to ensure effective learning.
      2. Students are expected to keep their notebooks and files up to date. All work must be neatly done. Work or projects must be handed in on time.  Assessments will be at discretion of the College.
      3. If students are away from school for any reason, the student is responsible to see that all work is brought up to date.
    2. Failure, without valid reason, to do homework, class work, tests or any academic tasks is unacceptable. Offenders will be punished.
    3. A student’s behaviour will be regarded as unacceptable, if he/she:
      1. Destroys and/or steals books.  Such a student will be liable to appear before the Disciplinary Committee and may be subject to suspension, expulsion or due process of the Court.
      2. All students are entitled to an education; therefore no one will be allowed to disturb a class and impact negatively on the learning process.
    4. A register and/or roll call and period control system is maintained, so that class attendance can be monitored.
    1. A student behaves in an unacceptable manner if he/she:
      1. Bullies, intimidates, victimizes or in any other way whatsoever threatens the physical and mental well-being of any student.
      2. Brings, consumes, distributes, tests positive for, or offers drugs or alcohol on or off the College campus, in or out of school uniform and/or at any school-related function.
      3. Is in the possession of, or brings on to the College campus, at any time, any form of pornography.
      4. Brings to the school weapons, or any other instrument that may endanger the safety of other students and teachers.
      5. Acts disrespectfully or disruptively, and by word or action, displays insolence or insubordination.
      6. Uses disgraceful language.
      7. Smokes in school uniform on or off the College campus.
      8. Behaves aggressively.
      9. The College Heads or any officially appointed employee of the College or police will be entitled to search any students suspected of having cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, pornography or a weapon. Such a student will be liable to appear before the Disciplinary Committee and may be subject to suspension, expulsion or due process of the Court.
    2. Any act that contravenes common law and is in contradiction of accepted standard of decency, in or out of school uniform. NB Every student is expected to behave in a manner that contributes to the wellbeing of all concerned at the College.
    1. Disciplinary Procedure:

      It is at the discretion of the College to bring a student before a Disciplinary Committee for any serious offence. Students shall be issued with a Letter of Warning/Letter of Suspension. Parents will always be kept informed of any steps taken by the College Heads. The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of either one of the Board of Directors and/or members of the Senior College Management Team (SMT).  The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members. An independent Chairperson may be elected to chair the meetings at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

    1. Ashton International College is concerned for the welfare of each and every student. We therefore reserve the right to conduct urine tests by use of an approved drug testing kit for the testing of illegal substance abuse.
    2. These random drug tests will be based on deliberate testing where reasonable suspicion is indicated or where students are randomly chosen throughout the school.
    3. Ashton College does not tolerate:  (Refer Drug and Substance Abuse Policy)
      1. the use of any illegal or prohibited substance;
      2. the possession of drug-related equipment such as cigarette papers, pipes, matches, lighters, bottle ends, foils or other, performance enhancing drugs;
      3. the inappropriate use of solvents, inhalants, aerosols and similar agents;
      4. the consumption of alcohol and/or the smoking of tobacco, including electronic cigarettes.
    1. All students are expected to be immaculate in full College uniform whether on or off the College campus.
    2. Uniforms are to be clean, properly ironed, no hems undone or in need of buttons.
    3. Girls may not roll their skirts over the waistband.
    4. Socks:
      1. Girls:       In summer, girls must wear white anklet socks, rolled over once.  The socks may not be pulled up or rolled down.
      2. In winter, Senior College girls may wear black stockings.  Junior College girls may wear black tights.
      3. Boys:       Senior College boys are expected to wear plain black ankle socks.
      4. Junior College boys are expected to wear the regulation long socks (black with red stripes).
      5. Other colour socks are not permitted.
      6. Boys and Girls are required to wear white ankle socks with their PE kit.
    5. Shirts:
      1. The shirts must have a top button and boys must have their shirts tucked in.
    6. Shoes:
      1. Boys to wear black lace-up shoes properly laced and tied.  Laces undone or tucked into the sides of the shoe will not be permitted.
      2. Junior College Boys may wear regulation sandals in the summer terms.
    7. Blazers:
      1. Blazers must be kept clean.  Blazers, if worn, must be worn on arrival and departure from the College campus.
      2. Blazers may be removed in the classroom and during breaks.
      3. Blazers must have all buttons on at all times.
      4. Boys are expected to button their blazers for formal occasions.

    NB: For more detail refer to our Uniform requirements list.

    1. A boy’s haircut must meet the required standards. Parents are expected to see that their son(s) abide by these regulations.
      1. Fringe must not touch the eyebrows.
      2. Sideburns are not allowed below the middle of the ear.
      3. Hair at the back of the neck must not touch the collar.
      4. Hair must take the form of the head.
      5. Hair must not go over the ears.
      6. Hair must be combed flat and not be blow-dried to stand up. No gel or similar substances may be used.
      7. No fancy hairstyles (highlights, colouring, perms, gel, steps, and shaved areas, comb overs, under cuts or brush cuts shorter than a number 3) are allowed.
      8. The Heads or person duly appointed reserve the right of judgement as to the acceptability of any student’s hairstyle.
      9. No jewellery other than a watch or medical disc is allowed.  No visible piercings or tattoos.
      10. Boys must be clean shaven at all times.
    1. All girls’ hair must be kept neat and tidy. The fringe may not touch the eyebrows. If hair touches the shoulder, it must be tied back. No steps or shaving of hair is allowed.
      1. Peroxiding and dying of hair, hair straighteners that cause discoloration, the use of lacquer or gel is not acceptable.
      2. Grip slides and hair bands must be black, brown or white.
      3. No elaborate braiding is permitted.
    2. No jewellery other than a watch or a medical disc and a one pair of plain stud earrings or sleepers may be worn. Single earrings, bangles, bracelets and chains are not permitted.
    3. No make-up whatsoever may be worn while in College uniform (this includes base, powder, lip-gloss, glitter, mascara etc.) A girl will be made to wash off all make-up.
    1. All possessions (e.g.: blazers and articles of clothing, College books and sports equipment) must be clearly marked with the student’s name.
    2. Money and valuables should on no account be left in pockets of blazers that are not being worn, in College bags,in classrooms or in toilets. The College cannot be held responsible for any losses. These items should be handed in at the office for safekeeping.
    3. Cellular phones belonging to Junior College students should be handed in at the office in the morning before 08:00 and collected before leaving the College campus.  No phone calls may be made during lesson times or during breaks.
    1. Cell phones are permitted in the SENIOR COLLEGE.
    2. Cell phones with undesirable material on it which is contradictory to the Ethos and Code of Conduct of the College and will be confiscated.  If the student abuses the use of the cell phone (i.e.  Cell phone use during class, ringing or making calls), it will be CONFISCATED and will not be returned until the end of the term.
    3. No student may use their cell phone to contact parents during school hours.
    4. Stringent rules will be applicable during examinations. No smart watches are permitted during examinations or tests.
    5. JUNIOR COLLEGE:  Where cell phones or smart watches are regarded as a necessity for security reasons, these MUST be handed in to the office in the morning and collected in the afternoon.  If a parent needs to give a message to a student, kindly phone the College.
    6. The College will not be held responsible for the loss of any cell phone or smart watch.
    1. Any person using computers or electronic information resources at Ashton College shall be required to use such equipment and resources in a responsible, legal manner for work purposes.
    2. The Heads and IT Manager of the College retain the right to monitor all computer usage, files and electronic messaging for compliance to all regulations and/or procedures.
    3. Refer to Computer Usage Policy for further information.
    1. All students are expected to arrive at the College well in time for their College day and to be punctual at all times.
    2. Lateness is unacceptable and shall be considered as a violation of the Code of Conduct. The repetition of the offences will result in disciplinary action.
    3. The Head’s permission is required before a student may leave the College campus during school hours.
    4. No student may contact a parent to collect him/her from the College campus without having first reported to the office.  The student will receive a stamped permission slip, signed by their registration teacher which must be presented to the security guard at the exit.