Admission Info


The school welcomes all applications. Application for a place at Ashton may be made through the Admission’s office, where Mrs Glynis van Dongen will help you with the admission process. All students from Grade 0000 to Grade 12 seeking place at our school, need to write an entrance assessment as the first step of this process. Once the results have been obtained, an interview with the Parents and the student will be arranged and together with all the relevant documentation, the final interviewing process will take place.

The final decision will be based on student vacancies and subject choices for the relevant grade.

Our admissions ladies can be contact telephonically on 032-9462096 or via email as follows:

Junior College - Mrs van Dongen -
(Mrs Van Dongen will soon take over a new role in the Junior College - watch this space!)

Junior College - Mrs Andrea Van Der Linde -

Senior College - Mrs Heine -

Who will happily assist you with your application or take your details down for entry at a later stage, for general enquiries only please email

Download Enrolment Application procedure