Message from the Head of the Senior College.

Welcome to Ashton’s Senior College where we prepare students for the journey into the future.  As an English school we nurture students, forming well educated and respected young ladies and gentlemen. The Ashton International Ballito campus was opened in 2010, and has since, more than doubled in numbers to 913 students in the 2013 school year.  

We provide a family environment with a strong Christian based ethos with traditional morals and values.  It is our sense of commitment that we strive to unlock the potential that lies within every student, producing well rounded young adults that will one day, make a difference.  We pride ourselves on combining the excitement and innovation of a relatively new concept in education by offering students the best of both worlds.    

Enjoy the journey as you page through these sections and learn more about our beautiful school.

School Motto – Excellence belongs to the Zealous

Mrs J Van Buuren