The Ashlings Early Learning Centre (GRADE 0000 – R)

Our Pre-school groups range from Grade 0000 through to Grade R, enabling us to cater for 3 to 6 year olds. The classrooms are fully equipped with games and teaching materials, which enable our teachers to provide a stimulating and creative atmosphere, in which students are guided and encouraged, through a rich hands-on experience, to develop optimally.

Foundation Phase (GRADE 1 - 3)

Ashton’s introduction to formal learning is a happy and exciting one. We believe in nurturing the individual and supporting different learning styles. Students in this part of their studies are exposed to a rich and varied curriculum, embracing many aspects of the IEB and Cambridge Curricula. We encourage creative thinkers and instill a love for the arts, culture and sport.

Intersen Phase [GRADE 4-7)

The Intersen Phase dovetails the South African national Curriculum Statement with the rich Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Programme. The Grade 6’s, in their last year of the intermediate phase, write the Primary Checkpoint external examinations in English, Mathematics and Science.
In this phase, there is strong focus on developing and maintaining a strong work ethic while encouraging a growth mindset which promotes critical thinking skills.

The following core subjects are offered:

• English (Home Language)
• Afrikaans (1st Additional Language)
• Mathematics
• Geography
• History
• Natural Science